What is Wednesday Night Club?

What is Wednesday Night Club?

  • A club that meets the needs of quality investors like you, with current ideas and strategies.

  • A club you will want to share with friends and family members who also want to learn about the wealth building potential of real estate.

  • A club that understands the barriers and issues you face, and brings you tried-and-true methods and information directly from investment leaders.

  • A club that understands today’s market and what YOU are trying to accomplish.

  • A club whose agenda is to educate, entertain and empower you to stretch your beliefs and goals while providing the education and system to help you accomplish them.

  • A club that is just like you … starting from humble beginnings with dreams of accomplishing great things using the vehicle of real estate investing.

  • Space is limited at our meetings, so we encourage our members and friends to reserve their space early.



Wednesday Night Club Philosophy

Wednesday Night Club Philosophy

1. Bring people together to educate them on best practices for wealth building using smart, sound real estate investment strategies.

2. Provide education in an entertaining waythat empowers you to take decisive, results-oriented action.

3. Bring together industry leaders in a format where everyone can build new relationships while gaining the knowledge necessary to move you to the next step.

4. Provide a forum for beginners and leaders to network and follow their strengths while shoring up their weaknesses.

 From this humble idea and our bootstrap beginnings we are proud to say we’ve built a program that works! Our program IS the real estate systems we created and are now sharing with you.

We are serious about real estate investing and we know YOU ARE TOO, which is why we created the Wednesday Night Club.


Our Partners
Some of our AMAZING Speakers







Sharon Lechter







Loral Langemeier







Bruce Brimacomb








Matt Theriault


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