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About Us

Meet Stuart Gethner

Stuart Gethner is a seasoned Real Estate Investor who has personally invested in over 10 million dollars in single-family residences, commercial properties, industrial complexes, land opportunities, and hard-money lending transactions.

He’s successfully partnered to own three thriving independent Pharmacies, owned a franchise and has joint ventured with students and investors all over the world on various business opportunities.

Nearly from the start of his investing tenure, Stuart has been educating others how to find deals and properly execute on them.

From his humble beginnings as an instructor at the Arizona Real Estate Investor’s Association and the National Real Estate Education Seminars, to having the Arizona Board of Real Estate accredit many of his courses for continuing education credit, Stuart’s knowledge of the industry runs deep.  

Now, the CEO of Gethner Education, Coaching & Consulting, Stuart has coached hundreds of students on how to successfully invest. He also founded and actively heads up Networking REI, a thriving real estate investing group that meets on a monthly basis.

Even as a young boy, Stuart recalls watching real estate investing television programming and finding the topic fascinating. From a young age, the financial and logical progressions of real estate investing sparked his interest and Stuart was hooked. While his professional life has taken him in various directions, including obtaining his pharmaceutical license, eventually, Stuart decided to take the plunge and launch his own business in 1997.

Over the years, Stuart has acquired a great deal of experience in purchasing with cash, traditional financing, seller financing, and hard money lending. In addition, he has participated in Lease / Options, Subject To, wholesaling, Fix-&-Flips, as well as his favorite: Buy & Holds.

His dedication to the success of his mentees has taken him to the courthouse steps, many trustee sales, and countless families’ kitchen tables. Stuart is no stranger to consulting beginners, meeting with MasterMind Groups and instructing Bootcamps.

More recently, Stuart has had the opportunity to educate off stages nationally and internationally on the topic of Joint Ventures within Real Estate Investing. While investing in real estate is his first passion, education is very near in second place.

In Stuart’s ideology, every day is a GREAT day to be a real estate investor and we’re here to help you create YOUR success!  

Tom Chase, MBA

Stuart is one of the good guys in the real estate investment world.

Okey E. Nnorom

Stuart is dedicated to the success of his students and will go to any length to help you.

Roberto Pastrana

Stuart and his ROCK STAR TEAM provide more value than I would have ever expected.

Annette Younkis

In less than 4 weeks, my vacation rental went from hardly any guests to over $12,000 in bookings. That is a 500% increase in just 30-days!

Adam Mendoza

Within weeks of working with Stuart and following his guidance, I was able to obtain over $200,000 in financing to kick-start my real estate investing portfolio.

Basil Tsiaousopoulos

Stuart Gethner is an invaluable resource and mentor within the real estate investing arena.

Joann Boyce

He has a way of explaining things so you can understand them and has the patience to make you feel comfortable.