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Ready to take the next steps? Schedule your Introductory 30-Minute Momentum Session with Stuart today and discover what’s possible to optimize your life and real estate investment goals step by step.

What I’ve compiled in this book is educational and practical (as well as entertaining at times) in the interest of minimizing the potential for loss while tipping the odds in your favor for the outcome you desire: a surplus of cash and cash flow.

Are you tired of feeling frustrated with your current results? There is no need to go at it alone! We created The Hub to provide the support where you need it the most. The Hub is your Mastermind Group where everyone is achieving more together.

This Seven Module Video Course averages 30 minutes per video and teaches step-by-step how this strategy works and how you can you get started and be successful. Handouts can be printed as a Course Workbook for you to finally create your Master Road MAP (Massive Action Plan).

If you’re just using Zillow to value potential properties that’s just not enough. In this instructional video, Master Instructor Stuart Gethner illustrates Zillow’s shortcomings while providing other current digital sources that you can use for FREE!

Wholesale? Flip? Hold? In this video, Master Instructor Stuart Gethner reveals the secrets behind determining HOW MUCH to offer regardless of your investment strategy. Using an actual residential property, Stuart calculates an offer for all three strategies: wholesaling, flipping and holding.

Is this this a cash deal or will there be financing? It has been said that every transaction hinges on the financing from real estate to cars. Stuart created this Instructional Video Course so you can learn the various differences between residential owner-occupied versus non-owner occupied.

When you start a business, you have several important decisions to make. Perhaps the most important choice you will face is choosing the type of business entity under which to operate. The type of business entity you will choose impacts almost all aspects of your business operation.

Tom Chase, MBA

Stuart is one of the good guys in the real estate investment world.

Okey E. Nnorom

Stuart is dedicated to the success of his students and will go to any length to help you.

Roberto Pastrana

Stuart and his ROCK STAR TEAM provide more value than I would have ever expected.

Annette Younkis

In less than 4 weeks, my vacation rental went from hardly any guests to over $12,000 in bookings. That is a 500% increase in just 30-days!

Adam Mendoza

Within weeks of working with Stuart and following his guidance, I was able to obtain over $200,000 in financing to kick-start my real estate investing portfolio.

Basil Tsiaousopoulos

Stuart Gethner is an invaluable resource and mentor within the real estate investing arena.

Joann Boyce

He has a way of explaining things so you can understand them and has the patience to make you feel comfortable.